The ancient greek drama. The theatre in Ancient Greece, especially in ancient Athens, was the most important cultural event. For the ancient Greeks, the theatre wasn’t just for fun. It was a competition between the writers. Every writer had to write a specific number of plays and then the audience and the judges would pick the winner. It wasn’t easy at all for the writer since an ancient greek drama had to have a specific content. Religion was always an important part of the life of ancient Greeks, so her role in a play had to be vital too. Additionally, ancient Greeks loved philosophy and every man, except of the slaves, had to be politically active. Society was a source of inspiration for writers.

The word "drama" comes from the greek word δράω, which means to act, and in ancient greek, a play with sad ending was not called "drama" but "tragedy".Every play, even if it was a comedy or a tragedy was a "drama" because every actor had to "act" on stage.
The Greek God of music and wine and theatre was Dionysos and for this reason one of the most important festivals in Ancient Greece was the “Dionysia”, in honour of Dionysos.

If you love theatre, then you shouldn’t miss visiting the ancient theatre of Epidaurus. This is a must-see archeological site. It is constructed in a way that anyone can listen no matter if he sits near or far of the stage. But the Epidaurus still works as a theatre, so if you want to understand what an ancient greek drama truly is, then you should watch a play in Epidaurus.

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