Gastronomy is a part of the greek civilisation and is necessary for everyone who visits Greece to try the local dishes like ntolmadakia, greek salad, souvlaki etc…

For a moment, forget the sun, the sea and the unique beaches that Greece offers, and think of the delicious things that this blessed country produces.

The greek cuisine is based on olive oil, on the finest vegetables and fruits and on cheese. Every town, village or island has its unique specialities. If you visit Syros, you must taste "loukoumia", a local sweet and it would be a shame to cruise to Skopelos and not try the famous spinach-feta pie.

In Greece, it is common to shop from open-air markets where you will be able to fresh ingredients and taste familiar or unfamiliar foods. The wines, the cheeses (especially the famous feta cheese), the beers, the vegetables and the fruits are of the best qualities while it is necessary to taste the fresh fish. But, there is, also, a great variety of local drinks. Except of the award-winning greek wine, you should try the aromatic tsipouro, ouzo, rakomelo, liqueur made out of mastiha from Chios.

The Condoyannis Yachts team wants the best for you and for this reason we have created the category "Events" where you will be able to learn about food festivals, theatre performances or local themed parties.

Greek cuisine can satisfy everyone. Come and discover Greek cuisine in all its manifestations: regional or panhellenic, traditional or modern, sophisticated or simple. From the miraculous olive oil to the finest wines, Greece promises to be an unforgettable gastronomy experience.