Yacht management is a complex task combining charter management and operational management.

Condoyannis Yachts’ charter department works to create the maximum days of charter yacht providing a first class service to our clients. Our goal is tocreate the best reputation for the yacht.

Some of our charter services are:

  • Suggested itineraries
  • Provisions
  • Fueling 
  • Supply of Lubricants
  • Berthing
  • Travel arrangements

Condoyannis yachts’ brokerage department offers high standard of knowledge for operational services.Our highly qualified personnel can offer support and advice for the following services:

  • Technical support (yacht’s upgrading, refurbishing, major refits and building of projects)
  • Flag and insurance (certificates, licences, classification status, insurance with best benefits)
  • Procurement ( best prices from yacht contractors and suppliers)
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Budget (Quarterly & Annual)